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Free Introductory on 'How to Create Watercolour Flowers' Workshop

A practical step-by-step exercise and learn how to apply easy techniques.


Watercolour is a fun expressive way to learn to paint still life for beginners, because it is so fluid and organic. Sometimes applying the strokes to paper can be unpredictable and also unforgiving, but this can be part of the fun working in watercolours!

So don’t be too hard on yourself to start with, allow the watercolours to take control with every brush stroke and just watch to see the organic shapes form. 

Keeping in mind your own style will emerge following the step by step lessons on how to 'Create Watercolour Flowers Tutorial'.


1. Materials you will need to get started:


  • A jar of water

  • Watercolor paints 

  • Watercolor paper pads. The thicker the paper, the less likely it is to warp.)

  • Rounded Watercolour Brushes or Pental Aquash Water Brushes

  • A rag or paper towel to soak up excess water and paint

2. Follow the instructions below in the slide show.

Tutor: Melissa Ryan

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